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After the great success of the 2017 collection dedicated to the 100th edition of the "Corsa Rosa", Panini has just released a new collection of stickers and cards "Giro d'Italia 101".
The collection is an useful guide to the 2018 edition of the Giro, that will start on 4th May from Israel and will end in Rome on 27th May.

There are 395 stickers + 73 cards to be collected in a 72 page album + a box for the cards that will be included in the starter pack.

22 teams, 14 stickers each (2 for the team + 14 for the members)
Other special sections are: "Uomini che fecero l'impresa" (Legends of the Giro), "Giro d'Italia Hall of Fame", "Città in rosa" (cities and monuments).

The 73 cards will be dedicated to the 21 stages of the Giro + general altimetry, 22 team shirts + special shirts, 22 official team bicycles + official Giro bicycle.

2 special packets (8 stickers each) will be available as usual with "La Gazzetta dello Sport" magazine on 26th May and 16th June.

By sending 10 empty packets you can try to win daily an official Pink Shirt.

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- packet (1 card + 5 stickers): 1€
- starter pack (1 album + 25 stickers + 5 card + 1 box for cards): 4,90€

A free copy of the album will be available with "La Gazzetta dello Sport" on Thursday 19th April.


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Some stickers/cards ;)


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