Panini Germany 2006


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Does anybody know why the nederlands team has 16 stickers players and all others teams 17 stickers players?

For example


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Hi everyone,

Can someone please tell me if the sticker in the bottom came in the packets or was it given away in some kind of offer?



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Hi. I have 24 different stickers without number. I can give you the names if you wish. Do you know where they are coming from? Why don’t they have numbers? Thanks for that.


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i have 25 different stickers! I dont know from where they come!
the question is: How many stickers exist without numbers on the backside!
Does anybody knows that?


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Good morning,
Here is the ones I have:
POL: Bak, Kosowski, Frankowski
ÉCU: De la Cruz
ARG: Zanetti, Cambiasso
CIV: Zoro, Drogba
SCG: Vidic, Vukic, Stankovic
CZE: Jankulovski, Poborski, Rosicky
CRO: Kovac, Simic, Simunic, Tudor, Srna
SUI: Magnin, Barnetta, Frei
UKR: Nesmachniy
TUN: Boumnijel
If you share yours, we can start establishing a list.
I have 4 repeated ones, which I could swap.


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here to add the list:
Pol: Smolarek
ECU: Ayovi, Hurtado
Arg: Tevez
CIV: Kolo Toure, Yapo
SCG: Mladenovic, Djordjevic
Sui: Zuberbühler, Vogel
Ukr: Vorobei, Shevchenko, Tymoschuk
Tun: Jaziri, Trabelsi, Guemamdia

I think there are from each team 5 stickers...
can anybody know more of these stickers?

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