Panini Futbol Argentino 2021


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At first I thought it was two twin brothers but no. Panini made a mistake in this album on the pages of the Sarmiento club.


The image of the player Claudio Pombo (sticker Nº 421) also appears in the image of the player Braian Salvareschi (sticker Nº 415) :D


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Top review again @Ceesmk !

The part with Lanus and Colon cracked me up.
Very interesting story about the Argentinian league as well. So chaotic!

After seeing how this collection looks, together with the one for Copa America, I can't help but wonder why Panini chose to make such a mess of the Euro 2020. It's obvious that they are still capable of producing good quality albums and stickers. Why sell out like that?

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