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Panini Fussball Bundesliga 83


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Good Evening All!

I just thought I'd bring to you all something very different to the forum today... Panini Fussball 83. What an album!

I recently bought a full unstuck set and can say that this a very good album indeed.


Some key stats firstly:

461 stickers (total)

21 stickers per Bundesliga team (includes 1 Foil Badge and 4 stickers for the team photo)

1.5 stickers per Zweite Bundesliga (division 2) team (includes half sized badge and 1 team Sticker)

48 stickers for rules of the game.

The inside pages are a classic early 80s style and have no background design that interferes with the quality of the sticker. Player statistics are included too.


I plan not to stick any into my album and will keep it unstuck.


So for purposes today I have laid them into position to show you what the pages look like if they were stuck inside:


The album comes to life without the need of confusing over complicated page designs like the newer albums.

Each player Sticker is vertical (thankfully players shorts are a better design these days) and most of the kit can be seen.

The team sticker is exceptionally good with a fuller picture using 4 stickers to build it.


Perhaps the only improvement would be to have a manager photo and a stadium photo too.

If there is interest I can share more photos of Division 2 and the rules later today or tomorrow...



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I really like that table underneath each player showing the clubs he played for in his career.
Puzzle stickers are nice as well even when it´s hard to get 4 matching parts without any space in between.


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Yeah me too @Danju

There's something special about having plain pages that don't detract from the stickers either. It makes the stickers stand out.

Yeah I noticed that the team puzzle pictures aren't that well cut! Even though I just laid them into place without sticking them it looks like some will join together quite badly.

I'll post some more pictures tonight for everyone.

Just for @Danju (and anyone else of course) I will share pictures of Borrusia Monchengladbach onto to the forum this evening!


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Some extra pictures of the Borrusia Monchengladbach pages for @Danju

Stickers placed into position but not stuck down (in case you’re wondering about my Sticking abilities!)

News to me is that Lothar Matthaus started his professional career here:


Interestingly the sticker background shots for BMGB are consistently taken in the empty ground on a sunny day... but wait, what’s that on the FC Koln pages?

Maybe it’s best to take your picture in the garden center! A great rockery and some beautiful plants is what we’ve been missing in our football sticker albums since 1983!




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I have all the albums starting from 79, when panini strats at Germany. Just a few stickers left in some albums, manly the poster stickers.
Maybe I´ll start with posting them in this section, guess not many people will be interested in ?!
I will prepare the 1979 album and the review upcoming days ;)
Hi @Danju I would certainly like to see the vintage Fussball albums. I’ve only got this one from the 80s and what I’ve seen so far I’m very impressed!


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funniest section at this album ist the back part where the rules of football are explained :D
I prefer the sticker that shows different types of watches, referees are alowed to wear :D