Panini Fussball Bundesliga 81


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Another nice old Album but like @Helios said, not very rare and easy to get, conditions are partly okay, for better albums you´ll have to search for a while. Size of this album is nearly like the FIFA365 album size we have this year.
Team pages contain a 4 sticker puzzle for the team photo and a Golden Badge team logo and a"try" to show the jerseys :rolleyes:
IMG_20171027_101127.jpg IMG_20171027_101119.jpg
The centre part is very interesting and contains some parts that i´d like to have in nower days too.
It starts with a page for the Coaches and some supporters in action that have to be stucked too.
the centre it self is alittle confusing....
It´s a big comic scenen with a lot of small stickers, very starnge...
after that again some supporters and a page for Managers, Referees and famous players in Germany and Germans in foreign leagues.
After the club pages from 1st league a section for the 2nd league comes with a map and pages for the clubs. At this time we had two leagues one for the north and one for the south, nower days its all in one.
IMG_20171027_101146.jpg IMG_20171027_101153.jpg
It ends with sektions of former Euro- and Champions League.
IMG_20171027_101209.jpg IMG_20171027_101217.jpg

in packets for this collection, as in previous year, the were some stickers that came without a space in album. Because of that you often find albums where people stuck them on cover or last page or anywhere arround. these stickers are quite rare, at least some of them, it´s atotal of 24 stickers showing the National team on shiny silver foil.
IMG_20171027_110620.jpg IMG_20171027_110640.jpg


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Thanks @Danju I like the supporters page. I think the Panini Romania Album in 14/15 had supporter stickers too. A great album and thanks for sharing pictures.

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