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Good Evening All!

As always I like to take a look back in time and today I bring a review of Panini Fussball Bundesliga 80. It’s another magnificent 1980s album!


Some key stats first of all:

48 inside pages
386 stickers
Mix of badges, full sized stickers and half sized stickers

This album covers the West German Bundesliga 79/80 season and a large section on the forthcoming Euro 80 competition held in Italy.

Sadly no lower leagues were included in the album which for me are where the real gems are hidden.

More to follow...



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The album opens with the 8 sticker puzzle map of West Germany:


I’m not sticking any of these in so have placed them over the top just for showing you all today:


By the look of it, the stickers would struggle to match up as cutting wasn’t so good in the past. Still it’s a great start to the album showing us where the clubs are based.


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Each Bundesliga team has a double page spread consisting of:

1x team badge
15 action photos from a selected game
14 printed player photos

The photo below shows the gaps for the stickers and the printed player photos that were used instead of stickers:


I’ve then overlaid some stickers (it’s not badly stuck, but just me trying to show what it should look like!):


The action shots are a nice idea that weren’t used so often in the 80s league albums. I personally prefer player portrait stickers but still it’s good to see different styles being used.

The team badges aren’t the deluxe gold or silver types that were often found in the early 80s but more a matt finish style.

More to follow tomorrow!


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After the Bundesliga is complete the album dedicates 11 pages to the forthcoming Europa 80 competition starting with two pages on history, badges and venues:


Curiously the two pictures above are printed rather than having stickers.

Like before I’ve overlaid two stickers to demonstrate what it would look like:


Each of the qualified teams (8 in total) are then featured. 7 of them get a page each like Belgium did below:


There’s a mix of half sized player stickers, badges and a team photo too. Most of the pictures seem to be different to the actual Panini Europe 80 album which is appreciated.

Germany then gets a double page but intriguingly the players are already printed so instead we get stickers for the badge and action shots instead (stickers overlaid below, not stuck badly!)


As much as I liked this feature I missed the lower leagues section we would normally of seen.

I’ll share some overall thoughts later!


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