panini foot 2021/2022

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true. Any reliable webpage that we can buy it online in Europe?

There was a page in German? anyone knows the link for it?
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After opening 1 box (100 packs of 500 stickers) I had 11 duplicates, so I had 53 missing stickers (489/542).
I needed 5 extra packs to get 3 missing stickers so I will now be able to order my free 50 missing stickers when the Panini online store allows it ;-)


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can someone from france give the names of stores where they sell these boxes.
i am going for a trip to france and would buy some boxes/album.
any help would be appriciated


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Anyone know when the update set ” transferts du mercato d’hiver Foot 2022” come out?. Thank you.

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