Panini Foot 2018-19


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Thanks @Ceesmk and @Only Good Stickers

Nice looking album! Great to see something different with VAR refs plus Ligue 2 included and a fresh sticker design too. Hardcover album always welcome!

Looks good and I hope we get something similar next season in the UK ...


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Oh man! this looks awesome.
And a hardcover album too..great news.
I am feeling depressed now with Topps holding the rights for German Bundesliga for at least the next 3 years..:eek:


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Thanks to @Bidus I’m the very happy owner of the new Foot album!

It looks amazing and I like the unique player drawings too:


I haven’t drawn these in but they’re printed ready for each sticker to go in place!

A great album with 562 stickers to collect and each team has 4 pages.

I like the space provided for the transferts/update stickers too:


Nice seeing good space for Ligue 2 too:


It will be a while before I get sticking but what I see looks excellent indeed!


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Just saw this now clearly, since I'm not really interested in french league (and I usually just collect the portuguese league)... But boy, what an amazing album! Team pages well designed (lovely idea for the players spots!), detailed info, second league stickers, cool shinies, even VAR! Close, close to the best league album (Calciatori, of course!).

Would be asking too much from Panini to extend these ideas to other leagues, at least to Spain and Portugal? England will surely have a good one too, I guess.


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The album of the French League is since a long time an adaptation of the former Calciatori.
Nevertheless, we already had better during the past, especially for the 2nd league (and my favourite team plays in 2nd league). So good design, the stickers are really elegant (players and shinnies), but we have known better. Anyway, you're right, it's more beautiful than the Portuguese collection.
And lots of French collectors would like to have a page about the World Cup...

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