Panini Foot 2017-18


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Special action going on via the French website of Panini between the period of 6/12/2017 (today) and 16/02/2018.

Panini foot header.jpg

The album contains 96 pages and 570 images to collect. The essential information is still there (foundation, winners, stadium, average affluence, social networks, number of matches in Ligue 1 Conforama, etc.) and NEWS are appearing: the LOGO STORY, THE WHERE ARE THE ARES. Finally, much appreciated last year, PANINIPEDIA is back to reveal new stories about each club. "Crunchy" INFORMATION often unknown to the general public and that will allow you to impress your friends.



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Very nice @Voldrinhos

Is the tin empty?

I see that we can buy the complete set in the UK from Panini already which seems incredibly early!

I wonder how the album compares to recent seasons as I really liked the last two?


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I will post pictures of the complete album very soon; I'm just waiting for the last missing stickers (probably next week)
Don't buy it on Panini UK now, because you will need to buy the Mercato set later.


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Thanks @Ceesmk It will be great to see the pictures. Hopefully Ligue 2 is represented well and maybe some other interesting stickers added too.

Thanks for the tip off about update stickers as it’s good to hear they will be released again. Last year Panini sent them separately after I bought the set from them but I’ll definitely wait just in case.
Empty tinbox indeed. Better design and albumsize than the last season.
Comparable quality with the jubileum album 2015-2016 and the years before


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The last season, the collection was awful...Not a great album; very poor informations about the players, and too much stickers on the same page instead of a better use of the 4 pages by team. Ligue 2 is ridiculous (and my favourite team is in Ligue 2...)


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To all friendly collectors from France:
You can be so f***ing happy to have Panini still holding the license for ligue 1.
There will always be room for improvements or innovations, but compared to German Topps Bundesliga Albums you get a fantastic product.
You have more players per team, coach sticker, star player..historic information for every Ligue 1 Team.
2nd division in comparison to Bundesliga album is also represented bad with this issue.
Overall you have a much better layout and design.

Regards Helios


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Of course our collection is better than Topps Bundesliga...But the former albums of the 2010s were for example really better than Panini French Ligue 1 2017 or 2018.


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Great write up on your Facebook page @Ceesmk

I like how you've explained that Panini Foot mirrored other collections at first, then moved away to it's own original designs we now have.

It's great to see it is going strong and that it does not borrow the other templates like Greece, Russia and Argentina have done this season (and past ones of course) :rolleyes:

I will soon be buying this set direct from Panini here in the UK. I like the look of it very much!

PS I'm liking Nantes more and more these days as Claudio is giving them a good season! Can you believe that there have been 15 Nantes managers between 1943 and 2003, and 16 since 2003!


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But Nantes played in Ligue 1 during almost 50 years in a row before 2003...And since the middle of the 2000s they played 2 times in second division, and changed lots of people...and even their philosophy. It's like my favourite team, AJ Auxerre: very difficult to find a place in the 21st century with a project of the 20th century for these 2 teams.

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