Panini Foot 2014-15


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Few days ago a new sticker album released in France - Panini Foot 2014/15. Its a collection about French Football league. It features 510 stickers. Available only in France.

2014-15 Panini France - Foot 2015 album.jpg

Collection represents 20 teams of First French league. Teams from Second league are featured as well.

Each first league club includes:
  • 18x players
  • 1x manager
  • 1x club badge
  • 1x team sticker
  • 1x Rising Star sticker
  • 1x Top Joueur
There are also 4 blank space for the update set.

Second league teams feature 2 stickers each :
  • 1x team photo
  • 1x club badge
Stickers :
  • 510 stickers in total
  • Size 49х70 mm
Checklist can be found here.


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Went to France today and bought the starterpack out curiosity. Must say it's a nice album!

Cover+ Backcover
IMG_0003.jpg IMG_0004_renamed_18648.jpg

IMG_0001.jpg IMG_0002.jpg

Stickers (examples)
IMG_0007.jpg IMG_0009.jpg IMG_0010.jpg IMG_0008.jpg

About the club badge i have to add they are in a special fabric/textile

IMG_0005.jpg IMG_0006.jpg

They were available with a starterpack and different blisterpacks (40 and 80+10 for free).
20150117_170528.jpg 20150117_170540.jpg

- Set of 5 stickers: 0,60 €

- Special Starterpack Offer: 25 stickers + 1 album: 3,50 €

- Blister of 40 stickers: 4,80 €

- Blister of 80 + 10 stickers: 9,60 €

* Maximum retail prices (@Pavle little update)
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@Voldrinhos Nice photos thanks for sharing them.
Can you provide us with more info about pricing, and how many packs per box, booster, and those sort of stuff?
I was unable to find info like that online.


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Since a few weeks, lots of stickers for this collection are very cheap on ebay
500 sealed packs for 49 Euros, or 160 sealed packs for 25 Euros for this guy

300 sealed packs for 30 Euros

I don't know how it's possible, generally there are no so much stickers for the French league on ebay. I bought a 500 sealed packs set, it was perfect, I received even 530 packs!

(sorry for the link in german, I was on ebay Austria^^)


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I have a question for one of the expert collectors :

Does anybody know any album that includes the lower leagues other than the calciatori and foot?

(caniggia?, caesmk?..)



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Since last year there is the 2nd league in the Topps Bundesliga and the new Topps collection for Scottish League (even I think the 3rd, I have to check); you can find stickers from the 2nd league in Panini albums for Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, and sometimes in the Greek League. Moreover, the only issue of Maltese League (2001) proposed the "Championship of Gozo", a little island which belongs to Malta.


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there is also hard cover version of French Foot 2015/16. Also Panini Futbol album (Portugal) has second division
foot 2016.jpg
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