Panini FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia Sticker album

Which version will you collect?

  • Softcover, it's cheaper and old school!

    Votes: 60 32.3%
  • Hardcover, quality above all!

    Votes: 66 35.5%
  • Both, I want everything!

    Votes: 53 28.5%
  • None, rubbish collection!

    Votes: 7 3.8%

  • Total voters


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If you like fakes from South America, look at this album for Colombian Football 2003 and compare it with the covers of Panini Calciatori 2000 and Panini Greek League 2001. OK, it's not Panini, but "Edizione Figurine Italy", but they used the rovesciata...

I have this Colombian fake, it's inside a copy of the design of Panini WC France 98 (with the big balls on the pitch...). The worst is that this company had no money and disappeared before the end of the print of the collection. 42 stickers were never printed...






Yup that's indeed fake. haha. I've heard that the World cup fever was so big in Peru that many people were caught duplicating the original stickers. You can look it up on google.


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Someone ever heard about the Peruvian Gold edition with 670 stickers? o_O

Indeed it sounded too crazy to be true, but I'm afraid I received such one, unfortunately it must be fake. The quality of those stickers is so bad that I can't exist to share it. :eek:

The album shown on the pictures is the normal 670 stickers album with Peruvian flag and is an original item, but all the rest must be unofficial.

View attachment 13442

View attachment 13443

View attachment 13444

View attachment 13446

View attachment 13447

View attachment 13448

View attachment 13452

View attachment 13453

View attachment 13454

View attachment 13455

Here are some pictures with the biggest differences in typo, emblems, ... (those above in example are original stickers to compare)

View attachment 13441

View attachment 13456

View attachment 13460

hehehehe it looks 'fantastic' :)

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