Panini FIFA 365 AdrenalynXL™ 2021 Update Edition


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Wow, immediately available without much notice in the german Panini Online Shop
It's the first time that a FIFA 365 Update Edition is available directly in Germany.

148 new Cards, 84 Special Cards. Small Binder with 4 slots per page.

Captain cards are looking really nice. I don't know what to think of the Winter Stars yet. Takes getting used to like many things in this FIFA 365 2021 collection.

Unfortunately, the photos in the Panini Shop didn't turn out well. Not really promotional :p


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So to get all limiteds, you have to buy the two most expensive bundles... yeah, I see your idea Panini :p

Honestly the set is not really appealing to me, never did any of the update sets (released in odd years too) and looks just a quick way to keep the money flow until Euro 2020(1) is released in late February.


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It was the same with the previous collections. From Paninis point of view, of course, understandable that they want to lure with it. Fortunately, there is usually the possibility to get these limited editions from other countries cheaper.

I always found these update sets a nice addition. And the Winter Star cards were always very nicely designed in previous years. But unfortunately it is usually expensive to complete as it is never as balanced as the main collections.

But I'm also a little surprised that Panini is offering the FIFA 365 update series in Germany for the first time this year, despite the EURO collection. Presumably this was planned so far in advance that they just pull it off now.


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I like the Update set as well. Players with their new teams and different sub-sets. Have to say 29 LE cards is a bit much but am sure Polish sellers will have them for $2 on ebay, soon.

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