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It’s not official yet, but will be there quite sure.
I‘m hoping for new teams from England and Germany , some smaller European countries like Belgium, Austria, Switzerland..
And totally new countries like the U.S and China.


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It probably depends on who won the tender to become the Official collectibles partner (stickers and trading cards) for the 2018 – 2021 UEFA club competitions.

The tender was held in February 2017 but I wasn't able to find out who won. If Panini won then FIFA 365 2019 will probably not exist, if they lost then the chances are good that the collection will return, even though the collection is significantly less popular every year compared to the first edition from 2015. Based on the design of FIFA 365 2018 I would say that chances are good that Panini at least try to get the new UEFA collection rights as there was no voting for the favorite player to be featured in the next year’s edition.

I wouldn’t expect any news before the end of July as Panini probably does not want to mess with the sales of Panini FIFA World Cup 2018.

But I also hope that the collection will exist and that it will feature new teams and not center around Messi and Ronaldo.


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No news means one of two possibilities for me: either no one applied or complied with UEFA demands or it stays all the same, which means Topps will continue to carry CL collections... So this means Panini is keeping away UEFA club rights and continues with their FIFA collection.

Honestly, I hope UEFA feels the pressure if both Panini and Topps jumped ship. Panini has realized the real money comes from national teams, so they seem only interested in securing both UEFA and FIFA rights for Euro and World Cup... Topps didn't seem to have such a good experience, I know they went through lot of troubles to secure some clubs and players rights, which means extra charges they weren't expecting and probably messed up their predicted profit.