Panini FIFA 365 3rd Season Sticker Collection 2017/18


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Saw a Panini Mexico guideline some weeks ago and it's scheduled to be released in October there... But maybe still in September in the usual european countries (Germany, UK, Hungary, Poland, nordic countries).


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I will check with the importer that covers the markets of Ex-Yugoslavia in the middle of August. I just don't see the point of doing that earlier, since we were one of the first “markets” to receive the previous two FIFA 365 collections, but they were issued in late August/early September. (16.9.2015 for the first and 29.8.2016 the second).

From experience I can tell that we usually don’t have "teasers" like FIFA 365 is coming in 2-3 weeks, they just say new collections is available at your local newsstand today (they are masters of marketing….).


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In Russia collection will be out on 18.09.2017, there will be 602 stickers total in the collection. 25 best football teams of the world by FIFA version will be represented in the album as well as reviews and summaries FCC-2017, FIFA U-20 WC Korea 2017, FIFA U-17 & U-20 Women's WC 2016, FIFA Club WC Japan 2016, golden pages of favorites and rising stars.
There will be images of FIFA trophys, team photos and moments of glory, team logos and portraits of the players.
From 602 stickers 475 will be basic small, 48 will be basic big, 25 will be multicolored, 12 will be metallic, 10 will be cloth and 32 will be metallic with carving.
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Let's wait and see if there will be different editions.
I would guess there will be a South America edition for sure.

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Is that really the packet design?
Doesn't seem like anything coming from Panini.
The back is too similar to the one for 2015-2016 season.

Wouldn't trust too much about the picture. The info does seem to be trustworthy, though.


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At the moment Panini can't do anything for MLS because Topps has the license. I would like to see a Concacaf champions league set, but that's probably not going to happen anytime soon.
yes but is same for Premier League or Bundesliga where Bayern has a contract directly with Panini, I think there could be chance to have Montreal Impact being Joey Saputo also president of Bologna FC, so he is already in contact with Panini Italia


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Lately news from Serbia - status quo. It' almost the end of August and in the stores are only CL 2017/18 and Road to Russia 2018 stickers. There is no official announcement in any newspaper or anywhere else, so far.

I'm so, so excited about this upcoming version on FIFA 365, I busted my ass off collecting codes on so many different ways (swap for stickers, of course) and voted, along with others, for golden sticker for player who definitely deserves it; midfielder and captain Saša Ilić of FC Partizan Belgrade. I manage at beginning to place him in top 5, later on he was on 10th place. Hoping to see if my honestly enormous effort for player who deserve it, will pay off.

Saša Ilić's first game for Partizan were in 1996, and he'll be 40 yrs old, this December, and still playing for Partizan, holding a record for Most appearances in European Cup/UEFA Champions League qualifying (link) and will play this season in UEFA Europa League, further that Partizan qualified and placed in group B along with Dinamo Kyev, Young Boys and Skenderbeu.

Will update If I hear or see anything regarding this collection recently in Serbia.
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I received this image. I am not sure if this will be the official cover.

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Everybody on the cover with the right club and shirt..! Well done, Panini ;-)
Am I the only one tired of this superstars cover? - Kante?!- Chelsea FC in for 1st time?
I would prefer a more classic style like the Fifa 365 logo with gold background only, but that's probably not catchy enough for the kids in Panini's eyes


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Panini is always the same. .no pictures of stickers while miss only 7 days to put stickers album on the market..


Does anybody know what is going on with sticker album,when it is going to be available.There is no information on the site.

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