Panini Fútbol Argentino 2018/2019


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Good Afternoon!

Published on the 1st October was the latest Panini Argentino sticker collection for the Superliga season:


Some information first:

Pages: 58
Stickers: 392
Types of sticker: fabric, shiny and standard
Release date: 1st October 2018

Only the top division is represented and each team has a double page spread:



Each club has one fabric sticker (shirt), one shiny sticker (team badge) and 13 players.

Sadly the album is vastly smaller this season compared to last year’s 521 stickers and 660 in 2016.

Next... I’ll share some photos of the stickers!


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uuuhh I like fabric stickers! Badges look pretty fancy too!
The shirts stickers are certainly very nice! I'll share some more pictures this week!

It's a nice album but the only downside is the lack of depth with no second tier teams included (I certainly like to see the lower leagues).

I do prefer the standard player shots rather than action photos and it's a fairly straight forward album.

Are there any collectors in Argentina that have more information on the album? Are sales still good or do we think it struggles like other league albums?

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