Panini Fútbol Argentino 2016


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Hi collectors!
The album from Panini Fútbol Argentino 2016 is available in Argentina since today!
Here some information I found and a description of the album from this new collection.
The album have 660 stickers and it contains 2 divisions. The first division (A) have 30 teams, and the second division (B) have 20 teams. The teams from the first division contains 15 stickers(Badge, shirt, and 13 players), except for the 'BIG TEAMS' like Boca Juniors, River Plate, Independiente, San Lorenzo, Vélez, that have 17 stickers. The teams from the second division just contains 8 stickers (Badge, team photo, shirt and 5 players). Also, each team from the first division (A), have a metallic sticker from the 'best player' of the club.
I will update the thread since I get more information!
* For the people who want to collect this album. Each sealed pack have 5 stickers. If you buy 50 sealed packs, you probably just get 25 metal stickers(from 57 metal stickers that contain the album).
- Album + sealed pack:
Argentino 2016.jpg
- Metal stickers:
Stickers 2 ARG'16.jpg
- Other stickers:
Stickers 3 ARG'16.jpg
- Pages:
From a team of first division (A):
From a team of second division (B):


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this is second season with one championship instead of Apertura/Clausura or third?? sorry I don't remember :rolleyes:
Recently Panini for albums of Argentina National League just do one album for each year. Example for 2014, there is just one album. Also for 2015 and 2016. There are no more 'Clausura' or 'Apertura', just 'Fútbol Argentino' and the year of release.


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Bad news :mad: ALL the badges and shirts in the teams from Second Division (B) have THE SAME NUMBER printed in the backs.
For example, here the Badge and shirts from the clubs 'Instituto' and 'Boca Unidos'.
Error 2.jpg Error 1.jpg
Error 3.jpg Error 4.jpg

A really big problem for all the colletors :(

PD: Sorry for the flipped images! :confused:


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his is second season with one championship instead of Apertura/Clausura or third?? sorry I don't remember
In 2015, the championship there started (again) a new era with a single season in wich 30 clubs meet each other 2 times, like in Europe. But they changed again the system and it is now a total mes called "transition" : each team meets all the others 2 times and will play an extra match against the one considerated like its historical enemy on a special day (the 24th round of the season). This special day is called "clasicos". The 4 last team at the end of the season will be sent to Primera nacional B, wich is the new 2nd division. But this is not so easy : the 4 teams to go down will not necessary be the 4 last ones but the 4 last ones on the aggregated 4 last seasons... Don't worry, they'll surely change again next year...
I dont think you ever find these collections on ebay
Or when you do they ask for a fortune...

I remember seeing some collection from Brazil where they ask for 5x the price that is sold in Brazil

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