Panini Euro Cup Collections 1960 - 2020 & Football Celebrations Books


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Couple of decent books, well top class books out or coming out.

First one is showing all the European Championship stickers from 1960-2020...about time the updated collection came out.

think FR has it coming out in France also.

Second book, is dedicated to the Football Panini releases in the UK from 1970-2020. Look great from the video below

Only gripe is that it maybe could have shown the Champions League sticker releases and also the Championship/SPL releases from those years also. Maybe in the next release.

Just a pity Christmas wasn't coming up so we could add them to out stocking list ;-)


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Many thanks for giving my book a plug. Unfortunately, as Panini don't have the rights for the Christmas League sticker album right now it wasn't possible to use those stickers. In terms of Championship/Scottish League albums there just wasn't the space to fit in everything (all main historical UK domestic, World Cup, Euro and various special feature sections was already a huge undertaking) but Scottish stickers from the 1978 to 1992 UK albums are widely displayed. Hopefully something for everyone and, as you say, this can be a template for future releases.


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Interesting article on BBC website about Panini's 60th anniversary, which also mention's Greg's book. The sale of a 1979 Maradona sticker for £419,000 at auction is also mentioned!
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