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Anyone who knows the differences of the 3 kind of backs of the stickers from Euro 1996?


I have a complete set of loose stickers, but they have different backs :(
Im looking for the version to the right, the one with black text at the backside.

So if you have any of theese stickers for trade/sale, please send me a PM.


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the big difference is also front for UK edition, England has not the text written E96 as you can see in this picture.. all other teams are same of international edition



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Accidentally found in the net such stickers. Have you got any idea what kind of stickers they are?
image.jpg image.jpg
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There is an unconfirmed information that thise stickers and album were on sale in Romania and stickers are a litter smaller than standard.
But this is unconfirmed information.



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This collection has been sold in Romania by Star Foods, a food brand with Panini authorization. The stickers are really smaller than originals and designed to be stuck on leaflets. There are 2 teams by leaflet and a total of 8 leaflets. There are 288 stickers but no shiny or badge.

EURO 96 Star Foods Team Leaflet 1 .JPG
EURO 96 Star Foods Team Leaflet empty.jpg



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This is the poster from Swiss album, the autographs of the players are printed. At first have seen this poster in the net. It is very similar too that we have had in 2012 in Ukraine - the poster with Polish and Ukrainian teams, but without autographs. image.jpg

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