Panini Euro 1988 (Review + discussion)


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Euro 88 is the third album that was released by Panini featuring Euro Cup tournament. It took place in West Germany.
Sticker collection has 267 stickers among a 32 pages sticker album.


Intro stickers : 44
  • 4 stickers for the first page
  • 14 historical stickers (former winners)
  • 2 map stickers
  • 16 cities/stadiums stickers
  • 8 Berni mascot stickers
Each team includes 27 stickers
  • 4x puzzle stickers for the team picture
  • 1x official emblem sticker
  • 1x Berni mascot sticker
  • 1x manager (coach) sticker
  • 20x players stickers
Referees stickers : 7


* International

Euro 88 International edition front cover.jpg Unbenannt.jpg

* UK

Euro 88 UK edition front cover.JPG Euro 88 UK edition back cover.JPG

* Italia

Euro 88 Italian front cover.JPG Euro 88 Italian back cover.JPG

* Portugal

Euro 88 Portuguese front cover.JPG Euro 88 Portuguese back cover.JPG

* Germany

EURO 88 German front cover.jpg EURO 88 German back cover.jpg

*Former Yugoslavia (Decje Novine)

Euro 88 Yugo editon front cover 2.jpg Euro 88 Yugo editon back cover.jpg


* International

Image1.jpg Image2.jpg

* Derby Gratis

Image3.jpg Image4.jpg

* Derby

Image5.jpg Image6.jpg


* German edition Coca-Cola poster (inserted in the German album)

EURO 88 German Poster Inside.JPG EURO 88 German Poster front.JPG EURO 88 German Poster back.jpg EURO 88 German Poster 1b.jpg

* German edition Coca-Cola mini stickers for poster : 28

These mini stickers (but without glue) were to be found behind the Coca-Cola different beverages labels

EURO 88 German Poster stickers examples 4.JPG EURO 88 German Poster stickers examples 1.JPG EURO 88 German Poster sticker front & back.jpg EURO 88 German Poster sticker back.jpg

Sticker list :

Mini-Panini 1 : Immel
Mini-Panini 2 : Illgner
Mini-Panini 3 : Reuter
Mini-Panini 4 : Berthold
Mini-Panini 5 : Herget
Mini-Panini 6 : Hörster
Mini-Panini 7 : Buchwald
Mini-Panini 8 : Foda
Mini-Panini 9 : Kohler
Mini-Panini 10: Frotzeck
Mini-Panini 11: Pfugler
Mini-Panini 12: Matthäus
Mini-Panini 13: Dorfner
Mini-Panini 14: Schwabl
Mini-Panini 15: Rahn
Mini-Panini 16: Wuttke
Mini-Panini 17: Thon
Mini-Panini 18: Brehme
Mini-Panini 19: Littbarski
Mini-Panini 20: Völler
Mini-Panini 21: Klinsmann
Mini-Panini 22: Neubarth
Mini-Panini 23: Allofs
Mini-Panini 24: Ordenewitz
Mini-Panini 25: Hochstätter
Mini-Panini 26: Eckstein
Mini-Panini 27: Borowka
Mini-Panini 28: Beckenbauer

* Dutch edition replacement sticker

To honour a tradition :), Panini made a confusion with a dutch player, Sjaak Troost, represented by Michel van de Korput. A replacement sticker was lately edited in Netherlands with the correct picture of Troost.

EURO 88 Sjaak Troost wrong sticker 1.jpg Wrong

EURO 88 Sjaak Troost right sticker 1.jpg Correct

* Corriere dello Sport Stadio stickers back

Some stickers edited for Corriere dello Sport Stadio, an italian magazine, have a special back. It is said that you have to return 20 backs to receive a special Bingol card, a sort of scratching game to win prices.



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Thanks for this @Makhno

This is perfect timing as I've been collecting this set before it becomes scarce. It's one of my favourite Euro albums from the past.

Why oh why did the England album have a rubbish cover! I really like the international cover with Bernie the mascot!
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I've edited the post to add the Corriere dello Sport different stickers backs


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I didn't know about wrong dutch sticker! It's time to stop to only think about current albums (even is hard to follow all difference between Fifa365 or Euro/WC/Copa albums... and I don't care about different stickers or backs!) and start to try to find my missing "gems" from past :)


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The picture of international back might be wrong.
there is a border saying "Gratis Album" same as with German free version.
this should be the right back.

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The stickers with Bingol backs I could track down are:

Logo (sticker number 4);
map of West Germany (19-20);
two players from the History section (12 Müller and 15 Rummenigge);
two cities (21 München and 27 Gelsenkirchen);
two stadia (24 Düsseldorf and 32 Hannover);
two head coaches (159 Robson and 230 Lobanovskij),
two referees (261 Casarin and 266 Valentine),
four badges (50 West Germany, 77 Italy, 104 Denmark, and 158 England);
four (left) half-team pictures (126 & 128 Spain, 180 & 182 Ireland, 207 & 209 Netherlands, and 234 & 236 USSR);
all Netherlands players (214-233).

45 stickers altogether. Looks to me like a complete list because:

1) Each competing team is represented either by its badge or its half-team picture,
2) Other stickers come always in quantities of two (historical players, map, stadia, coaches, referees), apart from the tournament's logo,
3) The winning team is complete.

Origin: I am not 100% sure, most probably from the packets with Derby commerial on the rear side. The paper of these packets is rather thin and one can easily see through. I have seen Derby packets with both regular and Bingol sticker at the last place, so maybe the Derby packets do not contain Bingol stickers only.

Miscellaneous: I was surprised that it was not the home team (Italy, speaking of Panini, or West Germany, speaking of the tournament) that got the honor of having a Bingol-back version, but rather the winning team (the Netherlands). This probably means that the Bingol stickers were distributed after Euro 88. Unless Panini and Corriere dello sport had a premonition before the tournament's kickoff ;)
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Hi everyone, I wanted to know if there had been a French version album with the order form? I have been collecting for 4 years and so far I haven't seen a single one. And at the package level, was there a picgrin model?


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They are not packets but mini stickers for the Coca poster in the german edition (see first post).


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I don't think it's a fake. It looks guenuine.
I see prices on Ebay for these stickers which are ridiculous.