Panini England official sticker collection 2016


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Thanks for the help, @Andy... I don't know if we have someone english in our collaborators, but we do have some new writers, as all of you can see in the latest posts on the blog.
@AltrinchamTradingCards: when Pavle gets back, he'll contact you... If he accepts you to collaborate, you just need to write a nice article about this collection, we revise and publish it with your name (Caine).

Cliff Helm

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Cliff, Ive got 1 more box to open and then will sort my stickers... if you want to get that 2nd set completed and sold quickly and maybe 3rd set message me the numbers you need, i'd be happy to help if I can. I am purely a collector so am in no rush to complete my collection so will be happy to send you the sticker you need even if i need it as i can just order it again when the panini archives open online.
That is if it is an advantage to sell the set on ebay quickly...?

yes from the 2001 match...but as you can see on the video still singing it 13 years later at the world cup 2014!!!
Hi Andy

I really appreciate the offer but would not dream of you going your own set to help me out. Your a star though Andy!!

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