Panini Cyprus League 2017/2018


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Good Afternoon All

Some good news as it looks like the Panini Cyprus album has either just been released or is imminently heading to the shops.

The two screen captures are from their Facebook pages:


There's a new feature this year showing stickers of players from past seasons that won championships with their clubs:


I couldn't find any more details (no. of stickers, badges etc) and will share more info when I find out.

If anyone collects past editions I'm expecting this one to be a challenge to complete again!
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Hello All!

Occasionally I decide to collect an album from far away in the traditional way... it’s not always easy but this year I am giving the Panini Cyprus 2017/18 Album a go!

My first post is about the album... here’s the cover:


There are 400 stickers to collect and each top flight team has space for 25 stickers:



It is an incredibly simple layout and if the stickers are on plain/white backgrounds it may actually work well... I will open some packets tonight when I get home to check them out.

The album is very light on information (it’s my first sight of it today so you’ll need to bear with me) but the album does finish with a new section for historical stickers:


Then finally it concludes with 14 stickers for last season’s awards:


I don’t think there are any team badges but it looks like the first sticker for each club is a team photo (I may be wrong and will find out tonight when I start to open some packets)...

More to follow later!



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Well it’s the grande opening of the Cyprus stickers tonight in my house tonight... only two weeks later than planned!


A full box of 100 packets (with more due soon) will be opened tonight and I’ll post some pictures and thoughts later!


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So far I’ve opened 16 packets (80 stickers/0 doubles)...


First batch below opened forming a nice pile already...


Nice quality player stickers in similar style to Euro 16 with a good view of the shirts... plus some shiny stickers that look a little like the FIFA 16/17 style.


But here’s the intriguing bit... the sticker numbers are on the front (that’s OK, I guess)... the backs are completely plain!


At first I thought I had a dodgy box but unless I’m wrong it seems to be the norm!

More to follow... hopefully later today or tomorrow but at my pace it may be next month!


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Update on progress... 31 packets opened (155 stickers/4 doubles)

I’m liking this very much as the collection is 400 in total and the box is 500 (we’ll see how that works out then!)


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All 400 stickers accounted for and a very easy collection to complete from one box... none have been stuck in yet due to time.

Each team has a mix of full size stickers and one halved sticker... this is quite intriguing as the sticker doesn’t separate into two halves but is designed to have two players side by side.

Each club has a team shot too but no manager nor emblem/badge which is a shame.


I like the section of past heroes in action even if I don’t know who’s who!


Finally the album finishes with shiny stickers and a 30 year commemorative league badge (I think)... these aren’t like the usual foils you get in other collections.


When I get round to sticking them into the album I will share some pictures but it may be a little while!


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Good news if you find a complete set! I think I will buy a box!
Do you have other albums from Cyprus?
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Lovely album an stickers.
#397 looks like Pieros Soteriou - he was sold to Copenhagen this summer.

Anyway, where can this (and other Cyprus and greek stuff) be found. Is Ebay the only option?
I am looking for Golden Shop stickers (Greek company), but I cant really find the stuff.


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Hi @Ceesmk and @Bahnsen Sorry for late reply as I was at the game last night.

I bought a box (100 packets) and an album on eBay for £100... it is expensive but once the short supply of stock has gone I don’t think you’ll see these sets again. So in my mind it was worth it.

I was incredibly impressed that I got a whole collection way before the box emptied leaving me with spare packets too!

I managed to get hold of the past two collections and I have spare albums and stickers too that I would be willing to part with if it helps anyone. PM me!

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