The Panini website sells products normally. However, the shipping time is long and the post office has limited services due to the pandemic.

I live in the state of Rio de Janeiro, which is next to São Paulo where the panini factory is located. Orders usually take 15 to 20 days to arrive.

If Panini Brazil applies the same rules as Modena with Euro 2020 Preview, creating online resources for people buying boxes with the complete set, I'm not seeing why they shouldn't sell in Brazil... As long all parties involved are seriously protecting themselves.
Hi Teo.

I hope you are staying safe and thanks for the information about Brazil's current situation.

I really hope the virus can be controlled world wide as it has already claimed so many lives.

As for the album, from what you say, it does sound hopeful that it will be released.
I'm still safe, at home. Thank you.

In the coming weeks, the measures taken by the government will be to reopen trade and reduce social isolation.

I am not very hopeful about these measures as we reach an average of 1000 deaths per day.

Anyway, I apologize for getting off topic a little.

As soon as I get new information about the collection, I'll post it here.


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I'm beginning to think that this collection is not going to happen. If it was going to be released this month, we would know by now. Just seems unlikely to me.
Thank you for the information! It seems to be no Hardcover album by this collection, wright?

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P.S. And also no Euro 2020 Preview sticker collection in Brazil in June?
I believe there will be no hardcover album for this collection. Unless, when the pre-sales are released, the version becomes available.

As for the Euro 2020 Preview, it is not interesting for them to sell this type of album on the Brazilian market. Not in this format.

It would compete with the Copa America.

Given the economic situation here, there would be two "expensive" products on the market and this may cause sales to flop.
Hello, everyone! I'm very away from the forum, but today the seller from the newspaper shop sent me a message tolding me that this album is for sale. I didn't expect that, so I came to this forum to see more information about that release. So, I bought today the album and the packages. Here is the pictures. If someone want a more detailed info about the album, please, ask me!

Best regards!


hello Jose, any news for an hardcover version of album ? thanks
Hello, Alex. I didn't know. I will ask the seller about that information. He was surprised about this release. There are no information in the brazilian's Panini facebook account.

PS: I love the Romanian National Team of the 1994 World Cup. What a great team! I have a admiration for that team. Since them I hope that your National team enters the World Cup! (Sorry about my english).


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Thank you for sharing! Are Panini releasing a box with an album with 120 or 60 packs of stickers much like the Euro 2020 Preview set?
Thank you for sharing! Are Panini releasing a box with an album with 120 or 60 packs of stickers much like the Euro 2020 Preview set?
Not yet. But I think they will release soon. But here they are not sell in boxes, but inside a plastic. We have that packages selling in supermarkets (12 selled packages with 8 stickers printed together in two papers of 4 stickers each) and the package with the album and some packages inside the plastic. These is sold in the newspapers sellers (in Brazil we call "banquinha") and in the panini's website.
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There is no information about that printed in the album. But, I already get the stickers of Alisson, Fabinho, Casemiro, Neymar, Everton, Danilo, Roberto Firmino and Alex Sandro.
Hi Jose

Thanks for posting the stickers. How many players are there for each team?

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