Panini Copa America 2011 mini album


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In 2011 Panini Italy has produced this album, was included in 2 numbers of Calciatori Magazine. It was printed DURING and AFTER the tournament, so all stickers (except for official logos of CA2011) are in action

As I sayed album was printed in mid of Copa America, so in first part you have also written names and results, in second part (from quarter finals to final) not. There are infos written on stickers but you should add results in the album.. of course I didn't :)

Both magazines are out of stock

PANINI COPA AMERICA 2011 mini album

Producer: Panini Italy
Pages: 8 all with stickers
Stickers: 48 divided in 2 sets, back of stickers is same like standard album Panini CA2011
Shiny stickers: no
Language: italian
Other infos: in Calciatori Mag nr.4/aug2011 were attached the album + 1st set of stickers 1/24
in Calciatori Mag nr. 5/sep2011 were attached the 2nd set of stickers 25/48


p.s. sorry for not top quality of pics, I did with phone not with camera

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