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Are there members who got the following memorabilia book from Panini in their collection? What's your opinion of the content, lay-out, etc?

Update 06.05.2015: Recently got the book by Paninishop and have to admit it's a great collector's item though it's not "the real deal". Because I will not be able to ever get al the older albums, now it's nice to have a memorabilia book with the older albums. It's massive in weight, contence and memories...

PANINI WORLD CUP Football Collection 1970-2014.
MONDIALI Di CALCIO 1970-2014 All Albums since 1970. (1970 Mexico - 1974 Germany - 1978 Argentina - 1982 Spain - 1986 Mexico - 1990 Italy - 1994 USA - 1998 France - 2002 Japan/Korea, 2006 Germany, South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014) - 786 pages, a collection of international footballhistory - 12 Panini WC-Album in an outstanding documentation with all pictures and results. The book is the reprint of the albums printed in 6 languages.
Size: 27 x 24 cms
Pages: 786 pages.
Release: 2014
Weight: 2.4 KG

Every album has an extra page at the end with all the results, group standings and winners.
Since Album South Africa 2010 there is also an extra feature added with the update stickers.


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Very nice review @Voldrinhos
I really like how you described these reprints, and even though I am not huge fan of these I can see why people like them.
Special kudos for the fantastic images you have uploaded.

Jose Glaucio

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@Voldrinhos, I have that book too. Do you think the stickers are much darker then the originals one? Specially the eyes, the dark hairs and the black background? I have not compared the two versions of the same sticker: the original and the printed in this book, but when I saw the reprints stickers I have that impression. I don't compared yet because my albums are kept in the closet, selead with a plastic and inside a box.

What's your opinion about that?

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