Hello @fatzep ,

very nice documentation of your storage process. This topic is indeed interesting many collectors around the world.

Its wonderful how many ways and differnet storage possibilities are existing to protect our lovely gold: Panini Stickers/Albums.

Honestly, one important thing i am not sure about it how to store: Sticker Packets.
I dont mean to find a sleeve to put the packet in, more how to keep it save from opening during time.

We all know old sticker packets lose their glue and the stickers can easily fall/taken out. The glue just releases over time, so sticker packets seems to be opened by hand, but in reality just the long time opened them.

Now the question is: Does "air" ensures the opening and drying of the glue? Or is there any other problem.

The "team bags" shown from @fatzep are not completely closed, so i dont know if these keep the sticker packets close "forever".

I still dont have any plan how to manage this problem. I dont want to get my sticker packets get open in 10 years. This would be disaster.

Maybe someone of you have more ideas or inforamtion in this topic.

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