Panini Chronicles Hobby H2???


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Hi everyone,
I'm a longtime football fan, but newer to collecting Panini cards, I've always collected baseball and basketball (Topps, Upper Deck, etc.). I love what I'm seeing with Panini though and really want to grow a larger football collection. I've purchased a few of the 2020-21 Chronicles Hobby H2 boxes and got 2 hits (by hits I mean Auto/memorabilia) out of each master box I've bought. I think I purchased 4 in total. I'm now looking to buy a case and found one for a good price but I don't know if they are the ones that give no hits, maybe 2 hits per master, or the legit hobby version that gives 3 hits per master. The case has 2020/21 Panini Chronicles Soccer Hobby H2 North America printed on it. Does anyone know what actual version of the boxes this is? I can't find a straight answer regarding which version of these boxes comes with 3 hits per master, as I've watched several case break videos, where some boxes, even entire cases, offer no hits. Since I've seen several variations that all say Hobby, but aren't offering hits, I'm assuming there is a specific version that offers the 3 hits per master. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. My email is if you want to message me directly. Thanks again and Forza Milan!!!


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