Panini/Carrefour Tous derrière les Bleus WC18

As for Euro 2016, Carrefour France and Panini will release an album about the French team.
Price of the album is 2,90€ and there are 3 stickers per packet.
There will be 652 000 albums and 67 millions packets available.
The collection can be found in all the Carrefour shops, from the 7th of May (or 8th ? there are 2 dates in the ad) to the 24th of June.
1 free packet for every 30€ spent in Carrefour (3 packets max).
1 extra packet for Pass card holders.


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@Kacper13 Yes, the album will have a HC. I don't have any other news at the moment because i didn't pay attention to this album + I didn't go to Carrefour for a while.
I've check Carrefour site. It says, that release will be on 8th May. HC album should costs 2,90EUR, like on the photo.



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Actually, I found some information on Cartophilic. There were about a dozen unidentified.
What a genius found a internet :p Some pics:

There are two types avalibable of HC albums:

- With CarreFour Market, CarreFour logos
- With CarreFour Contact, CarreFour City, CarreFour Express logos.

Look left down corner!


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