Panini/Carrefour French national team at Euro 2016

Panini in the collaboration with Carrefour supermarkets issued a set dedicated to the French team's participation in Euro 2016. The album is very high quality with the hard cover and extra thick pages. The set includes recent friendly games by France, Euro 2016 schedule, Euro 2016 roster players and the history section. There are 95 stickers and 6 tattoos to collect. The stickers include regular stickers (which are glossy like regular stickers in Navarrette albums), shiny stickers, and die-cut stickers. The stickers are sold in Carrefour supermarkets, where you get 1 pack of 3 stickers (or 2 stickers and 1 tattoo) for every 10 euros of purchase. Overall, I really like the set because it is of much better quality than Panini sets on average and has some fresh ideas like die-cut stickers.

You can see my video review here:


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I think it was one pack for every 30 Euros.

There are some very nice black and white stickers in the historical section.


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I think it was one pack for every 30 Euros.
It depends on the size of the supermarket. If it is an "hypermarket", then it is for every 30 euros. If you go to a smaller Carrefour (mainly in town centers), it is for every 10 euros.
I think the album says that it is 1 pack/10 euros on the second page, but I don't think it is important. I suspect that if you just tell a cashier like look, bro, I am a serious collector, could you please give me 10 packs/10 euros, he will be happy to help you, because most people probably don't care about the stickers and there is some oversupply of the packs at most stores.
Ok, I managed to complete the album. As I mentioned before, it is of very high quality. However, a bit unexpectedly the die-cut (players' heads) stickers are a big problem. First, most of them don't perfectly fit the window allocated for them (or you can stick them to fit, but then they will fit the player's body imperfectly). Second, the types of the paper album pages are printed and the stickers are printed are very different and so the same color looks different on these two different paper types. For this reason, the die-cut heads and parts of the uniform look like they are not the same as the player's body and uniform in the album, which is a bit strange.

You can check the complete album here:

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