Panini Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank Album 2017 (Chile)


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Good Evening All!

I bring you something different on our two-day break from the World Cup!

Finally I managed to track down the Chile Campeonato Scotiabank album for 2017 and enough sticker packets to keep me happy!


A few details first...

Season: 2017
Pages: 58
Stickers: 398 + 16 ‘E’ stickers

Leagues featured:
- Primera Division
- Primera B

All 16 clubs in the Primera Division are featured each with spaces for 17 stickers (stadium, badge and players) and have a double page spread each.

Audax Italiano:

The second division also known as Primera B has all 16 clubs featured too with space for a mix of 14 stickers of full size and half size variations on a single page:

Union San Felipe:

The sticker packet comes in one design with the usual 5 per pack:


Coming soon... the grand opening of the stickers! I’ll share my findings and some pictures...

Spoiler Alert: I’ve already opened a load and I’m just buying myself some time to get together the photos etc!


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So far I’ve opened 150 packets (just 69 stickers needed!) and my impressions are good.

There’s a nice mix of badges, team jerseys, players, stadiums and historical moments stickers.


Due to time I’ve not yet stuck any in but have overlaid some into place to show:



At first the stickers don’t appear as luxurious as some other collections but their simplicity works well on the opening pages. I liked the white framed team shots as they don’t clash with the page designs.

I’ll share some team pages next...


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The team pages have a good mix of stickers too across two pages. Here’s a first look at Colo Colo:


I like the stadium sticker (denoted by E on the back) and each of the 16 Primera clubs has one of these.

The second tier teams get one page each - A.C Barnechea is below:


They get a badge, team jersey and half sized player stickers but no stadium picture.

The Segunda Division (3rd tier) gets quarter sized stickers for the emblems:


I’m liking this album very much! The more I see it the more I think it is like a mini Calciatori album! Some more pictures to follow!


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Stadium pictures so far...


Great seeing so many stadiums I know very little about and lots of different designs too.

These are the E stickers and I’m just 2 short now!

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