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look at the sorting going over double page from left to right:
first line defenders and goalies in the middle
2nd line midfield
3rd line strikers
amazing, is it new?


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The Napoli team pages look strange too! Are these the real stickers I’m wondering? They look like drawings/caricatures! Maybe they’re the printed place holders ready for the actual stickers but I can’t tell? Palermo and Palma look like photographed stickers.


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Looks damn nice, as usual from the best league collection in the world, though the team pages (Napoli example) seems too crowded with stickers and some players could be in the last two team pages.

Really nice, I do like the 2nd part of the 4 pages facts, coatch and crowd. thumbs up for that
Personally, I don't like the supporters stickers if they have that white border, for me they must be seamless in the album, just like the Football Icons in FIFA 365 2017.


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Is usually there a magazine or newspaper that gives a starter pack for free? What has happened the previous years?
yes every year, with daily newspaper like Gazzetta dello Sport or magazines like Mickey Mouse (Topolino) or others. But is just the album for free, not the starter pack


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some basic infos about new album

STICKERS: 746 in the packets, 5 x packet (1-729 + C1-C5 + F1-F12) plus "Film Del Campionato" C6-C25 (out with Gazzetta dello Sport during the season) and 48 stickers update kit in march (first time sold inside a tin box)

ON SELL: starter pack (3,90 album + 6 packets), priced album (2,50 only buying directly on Panini website), hard cover album (19,90 available in the shops in january 2018, only prebooking), box 100 packets (70,00 euro), box 60 packets (35,00 euro), blister

so album at the moment 4 versions: priced version, free version (yellow border), starter pack version free but not written (yellow border), hard cover

stickers about SERIE A, SERIE B, FEMALE SERIE A. Lega Pro only printed

in the sell packet (not ones "omaggio") we have 5 stickers + 1 paper to take part a promotion. If you find written "hai vinto" (you win) you can receive from shops a special packet "GOAL" with inside 1 badge from standard collection (same you find in the standard packet) and a special trading card about a top player of every Serie A team (so 20 in total)

and this is just the beginning :)

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Just a little amendment to what our friend Emiliano wrote: the spine of the free album is red (indeed I preferred the old albums with yellow spine) ;)

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