Panini CALCIATORI 2016/2017


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I have stuck the "Transferito" sticker on the top of each sticker, just to keep it simple......
Cheers Jamie, does it not take away from the sticker. I thought about it, sticking it across the stickers top corner to bottom but thought I'd ask first.


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@LFC1892 two options:

1. sticker "trasferito" goes on sticker player that moved from a team (my way)
2. just keep not glued (some collectors do like that)

the sticker "sostituito" is about trainers

hello friends

I have a complete Panini Calciatori 16/17 hardcover album (well, it will be completed after the c16-c20 stickers will be out).
I live in Romania and I was wondering how can I obtain "certificazione PANINI ALBUM COMPLETATO".

How do people from outside Italia can obtain this?
without Panini Tour also for italians this year is more difficult, only chances are

going to Panini direclty

going to any fair where Panini take parts with stickers (like Lucca Comics, Romics, etc)
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Hi guys
I'm looking for stickers and cards with Romanian players who play in Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Greece, Israel, Spain.
Thank you!


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Hi @Sheva21 please do not spam forum. I just had to delete 6 of your topics each saying the same. If you have a need for particular players, please post them in an appropriate forum section > Classifieds

Welcome to the forum and take the time to introduce yourself to the rules here which you can find in my signature.

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