Panini Calciatori 2014/15 Trade


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Hi Josè...
i'm searching this album .. give me some time ok.. thanks for your patience...


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Hellò Josè, my son Antonio has this collection and the album is complete. He has many double stickers if you need I can publish the list in this discussion or send it to you by private message.
We live in Italy and my son collects stamps of all the world, if you need some stickers can exchange with stamps.
Bye and good collection.

Jose Otavio

Sorry for my delay, I couldn't answer in last days.
For real, I prefer to collect complete collections.
Would you be interested?
Brasilian collections x italian collections.
Or cards. I have Adrenalyn Calcio cards incomplete set, maybe you could help me to get missing cards.
Let me know, please.
Best regards, José


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Can we have a little bit of order in this trading topic?

Please read the trading rules and guidelines

Long story short, in trading area users can post 1 post per topic (collection) in order to have better experience for everyone trading. Imagine that you want to post your duplicates in this thread, and you first have to read 200 posts that do not have lists, quite annoying, right?

So, please keep your communication and trading arrangements via private messages. If you do not know how to send a private message please check the image below.

I will leave this chaotic thread active for 48 hours, after that period, only first two posts will remain, while the others will be removed from public view in order to keep this forum nice and organized.

Thanks for your understanding and happy trading.

For any other questions, feel free to post a topic in appropriate forum or contact any of staff members via private message.

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