Panini Belgian Pro League 2018/19


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This year, it will be possible to watch videos, probably through flashcodes.
Yes indeed, some 'star'-players have such a video picture on the back of the sticker. You have to install the FrameALIVE app on your smartphone. Then you can scan the player shown on the sticker and you'll see some videos with that player in action.

It seems this year the collection is harder to collect than the previous 2 seasons. Also now only boxes of 50 packets each are available. After opening +/-120 packets I'm still missing 80 stickers and have about 190 doubles.
For 1 page we have to wait, because 8(!) stickers are not included in the packets and will be somewhere available next year. After we know the winner of the Belgian Golden Shoe (Gouden Schoen/Soulier d'Or), goalkeeper of the year, coach of the year, best player outside Belgium, ...

In my eyes a very good move! Also again good thicker paper quality of the stickers!

At the end of the album there are also 2 pages with stickers of the Red Devils, some of those players are shown with their rookie stickers when they played in the Belgian league years ago.


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Here i've got some scans of the stickers of the new album, the sticker with Trossard got the video-logo, so you can scan it with the FrameALIVE app:

There are 5 different packets available.
I've also put soms pages from the album, The teams from 1A got each 21 stickers (1 badge, 1 trainer, 2 teamphoto, 17 players).
The teams from 1B are 2 players per sticker. In total 11 stickers (1 badge, 1 teamphoto, 9 playerstickers (1 trainer+ keeper, 16 fielplayers)
As soon as i got some stickers from the Belgian national team i will upload them.



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Today we've got 6 extra stickers from "The Golden Boot" election earlier this week for free within the newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws".
Winner Men: Hans Vanaken (Club Brugge)
Winner Women: Tessa Wullaert (Manchester City)
Best Belgian abroad: Eden Hazard (Chelsea)
Best prospect: Wesley Moraes (Club Brugge)
Best keeper: Lovre Kalinic (KAA Gent - now Aston Villa)
Best coach: Ivan Leko (Club Brugge)
They were delivered on a sheet. Both golden boot winners are large en exist from 2 seperate stickers.


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Not a good idea to order the extra stickers of the Belgian league from Panini.

While loose stickers were perfectly packaged in a box :), the sheet was just dropped in an envelope without any protection. :rolleyes:


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