Panini Aficionado Soccer 2016-17


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Opened a couple of boxes of Aficionado Soccer. Can't say I am impressed, not much better than the Donruss collection but much more expensive.


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I had a gut feeling this was gonna be a dud lee mate. Mentioned it to you once if am not mistaken.

The HEROES sub set is boss though. Well done Twenty cards of classic players.

Panini America are churning out some proper shite the past year or so, taking advantage of the MLS getting bigger, and hoping that footy card collecting will get bigger over there but it's not even close to selling as good as Baseball, Basketball, NFL & Ice Hockey.

Donruss was better this year but still the same teams, players and countries. YAWN!!!
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i think collectors need something different , Flawless was different and maybe immaculate will help . Rest all are sticker autos and look the same.

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