Panini Adrenalyn XL FIFA World Cup Russia 2018


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The Basics: With the World Cup set for June 14 to July 15, Panini gets the head start on the action with this one, which will include 468 cards — 360 basic cards, 40 Fan Favorites (every other pack), 32 Power Up cards (one in five), 30 Rare cards (one in seven) and six Extra Rare (one in 48 packs). All 32 World Cup teams will be represented


Hi all and a happy new year,
a few thoughts from me as a collector and football fan.

Don't you think that Februar or March it is really too soon for a card/sticker collection of an international tournament (Euro/WC etc.) ?

Not only will we not get many of the actual players belonging in the final squad, but also the pictures will probably not portray the newest jerseys, designed specifically for the tournament...
I know that this is a given fact for the past years but it never stops to frustrate me. And i fully understand the necessity of an "update" collection, if half the team is missing...

I hope we get at least a nice collection with a hardcover album, cool design and possibly stadium, cities and past legends cards.


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It really depends from which perspective you look at things… From a perspective of a football fan, which is looking for correct lineups, correct kits, etc., then yes it's too soon…

But unfortunately Panini is not in the business of predicting the right lineups, etc., but they are in the business of making money. They pay huge amounts of money to obtain a license from FIFA (you can look how the revenue of FIFA increases in the year of the World Cup – Available here – Page 15) and national teams, so they have to start selling before the World Cup starts. If I would have to guess the collection will go to print by the end of February so they are making the designs and predicting lineups now (December, January and February).

If they would wait until the official lineups and kits would be announced the stickers/cards would be in stores at the end of the Group phase. Once the World Cup starts the hype is over and Panini’s sales go down… Look at this chart of Google searches in 2014 for example, which could simulate the demand for stickers/cards. On the other hard Panini knows that people will buy the collection no matter what, as true football fans that know all participating teams/players are a minority among the collectors.

If Panini would issue the collection later the lineups would be correct but the sales might suffer, so that’s the tradeoff they work with. It was probably a rhetorical question from your side, but that were my “2 cents”.

They could maybe push the date to May, but that would make little difference as the collection would still need to go to print in Mach/early April. So the best we can hope for is that they will have luck with selecting the lineups :D

But to keep the discussion going I would like to know if this February/March schedule was also the same in the 1970’s and 1980’s when football was not such a huge business? Was somebody here already involved in the hobby at that time and can remember when the World Cup collections were issued then?

If this is off-topic maybe the admin can move it?


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There were no PANINI cards issued at that time ;)

Not checking the actual squads as a kid I never had the feeling to complain about a missing player but I find the question so interesting I might do some homework research..I think I though recall some update sticker sets from German, Brazil and Argentina players with 70's & 80's world cup albums

These are probably published in World cup story album issued in 1990 and were not available in the original 82 world cup album.
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I didn’t even saw that I posted in the topic about cards, I meant stickers when I was talking about 70s and 80s :) Sorry for that.

There was an opposite »analysis« made by the site The Football Attic, which looked at what they called Panini's World Cup »Nearly Men«, so players that were included in the collection but didn't participate… Panini is getting very close when it comes to selections, but obviously there will always be differences.

About the updates… I think that from South Africa 2010 there is a official update (those stickers are also included in the official book published by Panini – Last Edition is World Cup 1970-2014: Panini Football Collections), before that there were some minor updates like this from 2006, or updates of a few German stickers by Bild in 2010 or French and Spanish players by Foot Magazine in 2014, etc., but I didn't know about the possible updates from the 70s or 80s and I also didn't know about the updates included in the World Cup Story, so I learned something new :)


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No matter if PANINI moved the data of publishing the series within the last years one has to admit that the squad line up in the 80's did not change so much like these days. Especially the German team was nearly the same for a decade only a few youngsters added or some players changed that had 0 minutes playing at the final tournament.
Nowadays there is much more competition and nearly all players have a fair chance to make the final squad.
So with the early release date it is inevitable to bring out an update set.


How much time and money did it cost you to complete an Adrenalyn XL collection?
Well, now it's probably gonna cost 50% more...
I guess my pleasure of collecting is now 50% less than before...


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Thank you for the answer guys.
They probably need to compensate for the expected decline in sales in Italy… For me as a stickers collector (again in the wrong topic, but currently the price is a common denominator in both) is simple, if they don’t add value I will not collect… A 30%-50% price increase must be justified when you print 1.5 billion packs and flood the market with stickers or I will just buy the complete collection in 2021 for third of a price.


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They probably need to compensate for the expected decline in sales in Italy
Ok, honestly? Fuck that. I said it.

I'm getting tired to hear the same from a bunch of people, hoping it's just some bad joke, but the first news about prices are worrying, so I'm starting to believe... If Panini really expect to transfer the burden to the rest of the world just because some players couldn't do their part, I'm showing my middle finger to them. Panini is not Italy and for crying out loud, get over it, it's not the end of the world! I spent years and years in my childhood hoping to see Portugal in world cups and yet, I still did some of those big competitions collection. It's even worse for colectors in countries who are never in World Cups, but they are still loyal to Panini, never missing a WC collection.

To those "fatalists" who are crying for Italy not being in the World Cup: have they realized that Poland is in the World Cup after 12 years? Can you imagine the boom it's going to be there, probably in the number 1 place (or at least top 3) for Adrenalyn? If sales are already very good there when Poland is not even involved, how can you not expect massive sales there with the polish team on high standards? Not to mention Russia, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain... How about the nordic countries, with Sweden and Denmark? Switzerland too? These ones with their high prices are surely a good revenue too.

There, rant over. Hopefully Panini get their bearings and don't even think once about lack of revenues due to Italy elimination... It's a lack of respect for every non-italian collector, team or even FIFA itself.

....or I will just buy the complete collection in 2021 for third of a price.
By the end of 2018, you can already get a complete album for around that much.

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