Panini Adrenalyn XL FIFA 365 2018


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It's a staggered release :mad:. This is the product information with UK release dates (as of this morning). Makes it a right pain in the arse to pre-order.
31st August
Packs: x9 Cards per Pack
Starter Pack: x18 Cards including x1 Limited Edition plus x1 Collector's Album, x1 Game Guide, x1 Game Board
7th September
Multipack: x5 Packs plus x1 Limited Edition Card
Pocket Tin: x28 Cards including x20 Club Cards, x5 Fans Cards, x1 Multiple Cards, x2 Power Up Cards plus x2 Limited Edition Cards
Classic Tin: x57 Cards including x40 Club Cards, x10 Fan Cards, x2 Multiple Cards, x5 Power Up Cards plus x3 Limited Edition Cards
14th September
Premium Gold Packs: x1 Premium Packet (x10 Cards - x6 Club Cards, x2 Fan Cards, x1 Multiple Card plus x1 Limited Edition Card, x2 Premium Limited Edition Cards, x1 Limited Edition Online Card
21st September
Premium Packs: x10 Cards per Pack (x6 Clubs Cards, x2 Fan Cards, x1 Multiple Card, x1 Limited Edition Card)


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In Denmark the following is up for preorder

- starter (September)
- minitin (September)
- advent calender (October-November)


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According to Finnish distributor the contents of packs here would be:
Starter: Album, Game board, 5 boosters, 2 x LE, 1 XXL LE
Regular tin: 10 boosters, 3 x LE
Mini Tin: 5 boosters, 2 x LE
Some Infos and release dates for Germany:

459 Cards (incl. 195 Special-Cards)

Special Cards: 132 Foil + 18 transparent PET + 36 Soft-Touch + 9 Micro Etching-Cards

28. August 2017

Booster (6 Cards) – 1,00 €

01. September 2017

Starter-Pack (Album, Game Board, Collectorsmagazin, 30 Cards, 1 Limited Edition Card, 1 Special-Card) - 8,95 €

08. September 2017

Blister (5 Booster + 1 Limited Edition Card + 1 Special Card) - 4,90 €
Multipack (5 Booster + 1 Limited Edition Card + 1 Special Card) - 4,90 €

15. September 2017

Tin (60 Cards incl. 3 Limited Edition Cards + 17 Special-Cards) – 14,95 €

Pocket-Tin (30 Cards incl. 2 Limited Edition Cards + 8 Special-Cards) – 7,95 €

22. September 2017

Premium Gold-Booster (1 Premium-Boster + 2 Limited Edition Cards + 1 Premium Gold-Card) – 9,99 €

29. September 2017

Premium-Booster (10 Cards incl. 1 Limited Edition Card + 3 Special-Cards) – 5,00 €
Definite teams so far in the collection are

Manchester United
FC Barcelona
Real Madrid
AFC Ajax
AS Roma
Paris Saint-Germain
Borussia Dortmund
FC Bayern Munchen

These are all ones with limited Editions
Some more things I found out, unfortunately no pictures and no infos about Limited Editions at this moment.

Teams (Names and order like in the collection):
Boca Juniors
Atlético Nacional
Manchester United FC
Atlético de Madrid
FC Barcelona
Real Madrid CF
Paris Saint-Germain
FC Bayern München
Borussia Dortmund
Ferencvárosi TC
AS Roma
Club América
Legia Warszawa
SL Benfica
FC Spartak Moskva

18 Cards for every Team incl. Team Mate, Rising Star and Fans Cards (Clubs) or International Star and Fans Cards (Countrys)

Categories / Sub-Categories / Ratio:
Core - 264 Cards / Team Mate, Rising Star, International Star
Fans - 132 Cards / Club Badge, Team Logo, Fans' Favourite, Impact Signing, Milestone / Ratio 1:1
Power Up - 36 Cards / Goal Stopper, Defensive Rock, Key Player, Game Changer / Ratio 1:6
Multiple - 18 Cards / Defensive Wall, Midfield Engine, Attacking Trio, Club & Country / Ratio 1:8
Rare - 9 Cards / Top Master, ??? / Ratio 1:30
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They are probably going to replace 4-5 teams with Nordic teams to NE if it follows the old pattern?

Candidates like
Boca Juniors
Atlético Nacional
Ferencvárosi TC
Club America
Legia Warszawa


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Here's a few images too
I hope the LE card frame in the Multipack picture indicates the fact that LE's will be back to vertical ones... I like them much more.
At least these LE's are already for "Pre order" in Ebay without pic
- Donny Van de Beek
- Tony Kroos
- Alexander Isak
- Raphael Varane
- Keylor Navas
- Paul Pogba
- Daley Blind
- Gerard Pique
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Neymar in barcelona? That's bad.

***MOD EDIT: Same video as above.***

I found this video at youtube and cards look awesome
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