Panini 2014/2015 NHL Hockey


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I really liked this album even though I am not keen on hockey. Maybe because I never watched a live match.
Anyway, I would really like to see more info on it. Thanks for sharing images. You can also upload images directly onto our site, since when they are uploaded from external sites it takes some time for them to load. especially if its a larger image. :)


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I plan on adding to this page today. This album is just great though. Quality panini work, very different from the Topps album. I still haven't ripped any NHL packs, so I'll show some of those as well.

Maybe I should make a Pavle style video, haha.


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I was ripping some of these packs today and found what might be my new favorite panini sticker (other than the score at the bottom):



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Sorry for this bump but damn that really is a great sticker! :)

I think Panini could do more with photography, especially now that there are so many photographers at big events and license costs shouldn't be that high for a single photo. Though I fear some day we'll see something stupid like selfie stickers.

By the way, I should be getting NHL 2015/2016 soon so I'll be posting pictures from that. ;)

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