Panini 2014/2015 NBA collection

Hello again!

Below are some images from the NBA album from panini. It is very similar to the NHL/NFL collections as far as the layout and style are concerned. One negative is the paper quality of this album; it feels much cheaper than the others.


The box of wonderful stickers and a pack:
image.jpg image.jpg

And some sample pages from inside:
image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

I like that the album is very bright and colorful. The layout is also very pleasing.

I will start ripping these packs now!


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As a kid I remember having NBA 1997 or 95. Not sure which one, it had black cover. I never managed to complete it. My mother threw it away :(
I think one day I will try to complete it from scratch, when I find a sealed box of it.
This photos of your reminded me of that, thanks.
The more of these packs I rip, the more I love these cards. So many shiny stickers. I have literally already ripped packs with 3 shiny stickers in them. As Pavle would say, it's a shiny festival over here!

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