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after many months of rumours, finally we have the album about the 100th edition of GIRO d'ITALIA, the most important european cycle event with Tour de France, La Vuelta, etc

(the starter pack)

album follow same idea of Panini Rio 2016 with a mix of stickers and cards, but not included in the album with sheets like was for albums like comics Tex and Zagor

388 stickers
22 cards
packets 1,00 euro (4 stickers, 1 card)
box 50 packets

for every team we have 16 stickers, then we have special pages about the differet legs of this edition

then (like for Calciatori album) we have IL FILM DEL GIRO d'ITALIA with special stickers distributed with special packets with the magazine SPORTWEEK by newspaper GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT

the partnership with GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT is also through some stickers about history of the GIRO

the 22 cards are one per every leg of GIRO

there is also the sticker of Michele Scarponi (winner of GIRO few years ago), died few days ago due to a crash with a truck during his training



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What do you mean with "extra special packet"?

I bought but didn't open it, but in my opinion should be just a 'normal' packet with OMAGGIO on the back side o_O
yes Gaspare, you're right! :) of course special stickers about FILM of GIRO can be done late, when Giro d'Italia will start! :p this is just a packet for free


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I don't know why, but at least in Panini Portugal and Spain, Panini is letting collectors ask for stickers and cards of this (though we never got the collection)... Happened the same in Copa America 2015.


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They had a lot of people from Spain and others countries asking for the collection. So they saw and opportunity to make a lot of more money.
So now they're selling online too? I'm seeing album + box on sale too, very unusual from Panini to also sell like this online (except on their international store)... Not bad at all, at least they're giving the opportunity to all cycling fans.
Yes. I was waiting for the complete collection (cheaper way to finish it), but they released to a lot of countries.

BTW, I'm portuguese, even if I'm in Spain nowadays. ;)
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