Orbis World Cup '90 complete sticker album


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image.jpg image.jpg I have a complete Orbis World Cup '90 sticker binder. Can't find anything similar online at all. Does anyone know was this a one off or of its worth.


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it was a one off Darren... worth about £10-20 at a guess... £30 at a push I reckon if all is 100% mint as most pages over the years on peoples have got damaged or have ring reinforcements on them!!


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I have one of these as well and it's the earliest one I have. Like what Andy said it was a one off and no more were done, although it had tons more stuff in it than the Panini albums.

My best bet would be to find out if there are any football program fairs where you are, and see if any dealers would be willing to buy it off you. At least then you might find out how much you can actually flog it on for. Because it was a one off it might be a rarity.


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how many stickers are inside?
I think it may have been 200+ although not as many as you would get in the Panini ones. That collection was mostly based on collecting the magazines week after week, like the De Agostini collections you get these days.


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I had bought one on eBay for about £30 about a year ago. Fortunately the seller had the whole collection spread out in two binders and it's in really great condition. Plus he was local to me, so I collected it from him saving the shipping charges! :)

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