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I have for a long time considered to "store" my collection online. By that I mean to take pictures of my collection and publish at a web page.

I have looked at some free blog-sites and so on, but I haven't found any good solution yet.

I want to have one page/section for each collection (WC 2014, FIFA 365 etc) and in every section I want for example packets, albums and so on.
I also want in some way track what from each section that I am missing in my collection.

Anyone that have good experiences from some good web-pages?
I started to make a thread here at the forum:

Maybe thats the way how to store the collection online.
Right now I have all my collections in an excel-document...



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Jimmy, years ago i had a blog (stickersworldcuphistory) that probably some friend from here knew, but i decide to close and share a part of my collection here.
Last year we created (thank's to @marinerpete) thsese albums:

When i had a blog i used Google pictures for to creat different albums too.
I think here is a good option for to share your collection with others...Any help you can count with me...


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I created an instagram account specifically for cards and found that its a pretty good option. You can showcase your collection as well as view yourself your accomplishment.

Also follow other people from the same hobby.

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