One case of Topps Gold 16-17 and one box Topps Stadium


Due to the aggressive tactics,that is,plagued memorabillia cards in the market,

Topps Gold finally lows down their price while adding more item,but it seems to

be risky,because it's more and more difficult to find good players,and price of

Panini's on-card signature drops sharply,let us wait and see how die-hard premier

club fan respond.

Case hits as shown

Nathan Dyer 1 of 1 base autograph

Sigurðsson Portrait metal covder 7 of 30

Harry Kane Autographed relics 20/100

Hazard Moment Autograph 40/100



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Opened 1 hobby box of Stadium club that yielded a full base set of 100 cards. Brilliant!!!

On the other hand, pulled 2 useless Auto in Brad Guzan and Gold Nathan fucking Dyer of Swansea numbered to 50. :rolleyes:

Only fucking topps with their infinite wisdom would include shite players like Guzan & Dyer in their Auto collection, what knob heads.


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i also opened 1 box of TPG 2015 now since it was cheap . However didnt get any good hits .


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