Olympique de Marseille collection

Baul de Futbol

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Very nice and informative blog! That 2014/15 badge/manager adrenalyn of Bielsa is awesome. I know Mauricio Isla plays some matchs on Olympique that year. There wasnt some card with him?



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Thanks for the compliments !

Bielsa is a god in Marseille, season 2014-2015 was incredible !!

Mauricio Isla play for Marseille in 2015-2016. There is two cards in collections from 2016-2017 (Panini alway react on transfer...), one in the french Adrenalyn XL and one in the Donruss Soccer 2016 collection (with 8 variants) :


Baul de Futbol

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nice! In the time when Marcelo Bielsa was in Marseille we have here in Chile constant info about the team (Marcelo Bielsa was our team manager before and in the WC2010, and we have a great affection for him). When Isla played there too.

great cards!

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