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Official Panini World Cup T-Shirt Collection


Staff member
A company called CopaFootball launched an amazing collection of officially licensed Panini tees. They look really dope and well-crafted.

They've given an exclusive discounts to all CardzReview members (10% OFF if you use code COPACARDZ ) at the checkout.

With each purchase through this link CopaFootball will be giving away 5% of total order amount to CardzReview quarterly, which will help us with cover the cost of running the website.

They ship worldwide by the way.
PANINI-x-COPA-World-Cup-1970-T-shirt-white-3833.jpg PANINI-x-COPA-World-Cup-1974-T-shirt-black-3839.jpg panini-x-copa-world-cup-1974-t-shirt-black-3843.jpg PANINI-x-COPA-World-Cup-Collage-T-shirt-white-3889.jpg PANINI-x-COPA-World-Cup-Collage-T-shirt-white-3893.jpg
PANINI-x-COPA-World-Cup-1978-T-shirt-marineblue-3845.jpg PANINI-x-COPA-World-Cup-1978-T-shirt-marineblue-3846.jpg PANINI-x-COPA-World-Cup-1990-T-shirt-blue-3863.jpg