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So I decided to dabble in some American sports even though my passion is soccer.

I purchased starter packs for NHL Hockey and MLB Baseball. NHL is panini and MLB is Topps.

My initial thoughts are that panini is totally killing Topps in quality. It's a ridiculous difference when you compare these two albums. I'm kinda upset because I heard that Topps might be taking over for the NHL album next year. If the MLB album is any indication, it will be terrible.

The MLB album has no shiny stickers. 0. The album is one page for each team, with one central spread that has s tiny logo for each team. The logo stickers are all too big for their squares, so it's rather awkward. There is nothing else in the album. No cool stats, no stadiums, no extras.

The NHL album is a world apart. Every team is represented, there are stickers for award winners, special events like the winter classic, and even a playoff calendar for the previous year. Excellent.

Looking at these two has me even more convinced that panini is the real gold standard, even though I'm very new to the hobby.

I do have over 500 packs sitting on my desk, with about 400 more incoming in the mail, so I should probably get back to opening.


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Well good luck with all those packs!

Never had a chance to open any of those packs, but I am sure its equally fun.

If you want to share photos or info on any of those albums, that would be great. Just make sure to open separate topic for each collection rather than having all in one topic :)


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I'm collecting NHL albums and I've got lots of lose stickers, sealed packs and even sealed boxes for the 90s.


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Pictures from my blog and my own collection

-Hockey 79 (World Championship): Complete album, Empty Album + Complete set+ Sealed pack

-Some stuffs from NHL (O-Pee-Chee and Panini)
1st issue NHL O-Pee-Chee 1981 (factory sealed)
Complete album 89-90 (I've got about 10-12 complete albums NHL)
2 sealed boxes NHL 98-99 (I've got other years)
Sealed packs 91-92
Complete set 1992
Box 1992
Sealed packs 95-96 (I've got 300 or 400)

It's what I could find very quickly, my albums are for this moment in boxes before I move


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