New to collecting, what should I look out for?

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Hey guys, new member here.

So recently I've been noticing hype around collectible cards again and I've decided to start collecting Panini Fifa cards again. I've been collecting them as a child like crazy, parents bought them for me almost every 2nd day, but I've outgrown that period of my life and sadly I do not own any of the cards anymore.

So just today I've passed my local store and decided to start collecting again and buy 2 packs of Panini FIFA 365 2021. Like I said I am just a novice, but I watched and played football pretty much my whole life.

As a beginner I do have to ask. What should I look out for? What cards / sticker has value and what dont? How should I keep them safe from damage? From my first pack I've opened I got a Messi and Suarez card (118b / 118a) and I am wondering is that good or should I look out for the ''solo'' cards (the one where the whole card is just 1 player?

Thanks for reading my thread and all replies are welcomed.
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Hey, Personally like most collectors usually will tell you collect what you like. I don’t think cards are a great investment just, because athletes get hurt all the time so get the players you like.

Also for card protection we have plenty of information on the forums, Just have a lot of reading to do haha.
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