NBA sticker collection 2015-16


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Recently it has been released the new NBA STICKER COLLECTION 2015-16.

I've realized that there are 2 different editions of this collection:
  • European with 469 stickers
  • American with 483 stickers
Later I'll post pictures of the last 2 pages of the American edition showing a different design.
In particular on the last page, dedicated to Kobe Bryant, there's a picture made of 4 stickers, while in the European one Kobe's picture is made of 2 stickers.

Definitely there are 14 stickers more in the US edition.

As soon as possibile I'd like to get the US album to check differences.
Meanwhile I would suggest to be very careful when swapping with our friend collectors overseas.


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Ill see if I can get my hands on a US version of this album.

edit. Ordered an album and a box of stickers. Should be here in a couple days and Ill update this thread.
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Just received some stickers that I swapped with a US guy, and they are totally different from the ones that are selling now in Europe.

First of all the size is much smaller, similar to Copa America 2007 stickers.
Home and away jersey stickers are individual and not coupled as in the European version.
The back is completely different and also the pages layout should be different.

I definitely would like to collect also this edition:rolleyes:

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