My personal album cardboard protection


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As lack of good packing to protect albums i made my product, i will write facts why i do i like this down:

1. first before we start i don't want to make nice looking protection, for me most important thing was that i want best protection for albums not important to look super nice in some fancy looking protection
2. first step was to find factory which works with cardboard, most thickness cardboard they have was 2 and 3 millimetar, they cut 100 cardboards with measures i give them i buy 50 2mm and 50 piece of 3mm cardboard
3. second step was to find thick nylon his not easy to find because stores usually sell thin nylon for packing, and also i need three sizes, one for cardboard , and two for albums because not all albums are same size (decje novine and original not same) also not every album is of the same thickness so i buy one with 24cm and one with 25cm wide
4. once cardboard came to my house i buy special glue and one by one i glue them to get 5mm thick cardboard, after that i test it , i try to twist it with my knee and its not possible to break it, its very strong
5. then i use some tape to fix albums in middle and seal back side with tape, need little skill but after few albums packing goes pretty fast
6. from my experience albums must be stored in horizontal position because if you hold them in vertical position pages inside become wavy over time, also my gold was to seal them inside nylon bags to stop moisture from air came inside, plus outside nylon make small pressure on album and album become flatter over time and keep his natural look, so i get all with this product, for now i don't think to produce more , but in future maybe i will


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