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Hello everyone. My name is Grzegorz and I'm from Poland. I would like to present my collection of complete sticker sets. All in mint condition. I keep the sets in albums that are intended for cards, but they also work well for stickers. Before putting the sticker in the pocket, I put into the sleeves. I have been collecting since 2018, when I returned to this hobby after many years. My first album is France 1998 when I was 12 years old. I also have a set from 1988 waiting to be put into an album:) I still have albums with pasted stickers -from 1974 to 2020 (unfortunately not all complete) + several editions of empty albums. Of course none of what I present is for sale:) I am now looking for sets from 1984, 1982 and 1980 at good prices and in a mint condition :)
sety 1.jpgsety 2.jpg

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