Mexican League Sticker Albums?


Hi, I have a few questions about Liga MX albums from over the years. First, does anyone have the checklists or completed albums from these sets? I would like to see the Atlas stickers to see if a certain player is included.
Apertura 2010
Primera Division Profesional 2011

Also, does anyone know if Clausura sets were released for the 2009/10, 2010/11, or 2015/16 seasons?
Thanks for any help, Henry

Edit: Nevermind, I believe I have found all of the information I need
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Here is the list for the Mexican League albums
Supergol 97
Super Futbol 2007
Superfutbol 2009
Apertura 2010
Primera Liga 2011
Liga Bancomer 2013-14
Apertura 2014
Clausura 2015
Apertura 2015
Apertura 2016-Clausura 2017
Apertura 2017-Clausura 2018

Tell me if you need some informations about Atlas players

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